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Thank you for your interest in supporting the well-being of our feathered friends here at Wild Wings!

 Wild Wings Adopt-a-Bird

By adopting one or more of our birds, you are helping to provide continued care, food, and enrichment for these magnificent animals. Wild Wing’s birds are great ambassadors for their species, bringing a fascinating, educational, and unforgettable experience to the people they visit. Your help is greatly appreciated by the entire Wild Wings family, including thousands of children yet to enjoy this wildlife “field trip” — up close and personal… right in their own classrooms!Sophie

For each adoption, you will receive an adoption certificate, the bird’s biography (including information on the natural history of its species), and a 4 x 6 photo of the bird. More importantly, you will have the gratification of knowing that you made a significant and positive impact on the life of one or more of these remarkable birds.

Simply press the “Adopt” button below selected bird – this will take you to check out page where you can enter number of months you wish to adopt.
Sophie, the Great-Horned Owl$40.00


Karma, the The Red-Tailed Hawk$35.00

Miles, the The Swainson’s Hawk – $30.00

Atlas, the The Common Raven$30.00

Cliff, the Peregrine Falcon – $25.00


Cache, the American Kestrel – $25.00

Bugsy, the Eastern Screech Owl – $25.00

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